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Ant-agonistic Sensei Pin

Ant-agonistic Sensei Pin

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A pin you can hear. Hehehe hehehehehe~.


Both pins are 3 inches tall, hard enamel, and have two back posts and a back stamp. Both are silver nickel plated.

Standard Variant: open edition

Limited Edition Variant: LE 80, glitter enamel effects on clothing and hair, LE backstamp


A Grade: Best of the batch, held at arms length has no/barely noticeable/minimal flaws.

B+ Grade (standard variant only): The next best grade, flaws present but not noticeable enough to make it a full B grade. Looks fine at arms length, but has some more noticeable flaws upon close inspection.

B Grade: Flaws noticeable at arms length, things like noticeable stray dust, noticeable deeper scratching, etc.









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