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Smiling Sorcerer Pin

Smiling Sorcerer Pin

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Our favorite sensei and sorcerer, showing off his lovely smile to us all!

There are three variants for this pin design. All designs are 2" tall, have backstamps, and LEs are numbered.

Standard Variant: OE, silver plating, hard enamel

BN Glitter Variant: LE50, black nickel plating, hard enamel+glitter (NOTE: Please only order if you missed out on the LE30 silver glitter one, this variant was made to give more people a chance. I will be checking for this).

Red MO Variant: LE50, red dyed metal plating, soft enamel+glitter+epoxy fill

Purple MO Variant: LE50, red dyed metal plating, soft enamel+glitter+epoxy fill


A Grade: Best of the batch, held at arms length has no/barely noticeable/minimal flaws.

B+ Grade (standard variant only): The next best grade, flaws present but not noticeable enough to make it a full B grade. Looks fine at arms length, but has some more noticeable flaws upon close inspection.

B Grade: Flaws noticeable at arms length, things like noticeable stray dust, noticeable deeper scratching, etc.


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